Invisalign, the clear alternative to orthodontic devices


High-tech orthodontics in Montreux

Early orthodontic treatment 

Orthodontics - Montreux - Dr. AurouzeAssociations of orthodontists recommend that every child should be seen by an  orthodontist from the age of 7 years onwards.

Why 7years? At this age the first permanent molars erupt. An orthodontic assessment at 7 years does not mean that all the treatments for children will begin at that age.

The majority of treatment starts later. It merely allows us to assess the best time to treat the child according to its own growth rate.

While orthodontic treatment has not started, consultations will be free of charge for children and adolescents.

Advanced equipment

Dr. Aurouze in Montreux has an intraoral scanner, a digital dental impression-making solution. Radiologie is digitalised, the utensils used are all sterilised and remain under paper before orthodontic interventions. 

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