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Dr. Catherine Aurouze

Welcome to our orthodontics practice in Montreux on the Riviera

Welcome to the practice of Dr. Aurouze

In her Montreux practice, Dr. Catherine Aurouze is a specialist in orthodontics, who works with children, adolescents, and also with adults, in order to realign their teeth and give them a lovely smile.

She uses the latest 3D technologies in orthododontics. With her highly qualified team, she offers a great variety of options for treatment, ranging from conventional treatment to the latest advanced orthodontic technologies, including invisalign, insignia and incognito.

Dr. Catherine Aurouze has been an Invisalign Platinum Elite Practitioner since 2009.

Dr. Catherine Aurouze graduated as a dental surgeon at the University of Lyon in 1990. She then followed this up with a 3rd IMIS cycle (Institute of Health Industry Management) and did a dissertation on Rodogyl in 1991.In 1994, Dr. Catherine Aurouze went to the USA to complete a certificate and master's degree in orthodontics at the University of Minnesota.

In 1997,she submitted her thesis on "Second-line bone grafting in cleft palates", which was published in August 2000 in the Journal of Cleft Palate, and has contributed to 20 authoritative articles in this area.

DrCatherine Aurouze then completed a fellowship at the University of New York and became an assistant clinical professor in orthodontics in 1998.  Dr. Catherine Aurouze has now been practising in Switzerland for 14 years.